Witch Please

a posthuman occult + ritual performance party

Sat 26 May // 20:00

a party, a ritual action, an invitation to unbridle your desires, queer your human frame and ... [more]

a sound art double bill

The Foley Explosion + Life/Time

Wed 6 June // 19:30

a double bill of immersive sound performance! first: a foley-filled alternative spy thriller based on a ... [more]

BLOWN DOWN: A long weekend of SUPER 8


Sat 9 June // 11:00

Blow me down, a full day of Super 8 workshops, gear fixing, merchandise, stalls, games, grub ... [more]

BLOWN DOWN: A long weekend of SUPER 8

Rough Cut And Ready Dubbed

Talk and DJs in the bar

Sat 9 June // 20:00

A ripper post-punk documentary classic buried in a vault for twenty years. All shot on SUPER ... [more]

BLOWN DOWN: A long weekend of SUPER 8

Abridged & Packaged Film Festival

Sun 10 June // 14:00

Roll up, relax and watch a multitude of Super 8 films on millions of screens. Some ... [more]

Derya Yildirim & Grup Simsek

+ Soufian Saihi

Thu 14 June // 20:00

Grup Şimşek is a fresh and modern super-quintet which performs an electrified and highly danceable set ... [more]


Fri 22 June // 20:00

This elusive and constantly-evolving Liverpool collective harness the ritualistic and cathartic power of repetition, monstrous riffs ... [more]

Michael Hurley + Ashley Paul + Gwenifer Raymond

A Shieldshaped / Cube Wave

Sat 23 June // 19:00

Songs bound together by a love for life; jiving' joking folklorik animal characters, tea drinking mystics ... [more]

Cables&Cameras presents

Hard Food / Sound System / Mas Band

Fri 6 July // 19:30

July‘s Cables&Cameras session will be delving deep into the spirit of carnival' around the world. A ... [more]


Sat 14 July // 20:00

When Trembling Bells’ Alex Neilson makes music, he thinks of it in less certifiable terms than ... [more]


Sun 15 July // 17:00

The event will kick off later than before allowing you all a nice Sunday sleep in ... [more]


Fri 12 October // 20:00