The Cube Presents

David Birchall / Matt Davis / Luigi Marino

with.. Tina Hitchens / Jo Kelly & Oliver Brouwer / Joe Charsley-Smith.

Sat 2 March // 19:30

An evening of freely improvised music, ambient and experimental sounds. [more]

BEEF & Cryptic present

Ela Orleans, Sophia Loizou and Laura Phillips.

An evening of audiovisual explorations and speculations into underexplored and unknown territories.

Fri 15 March // 20:00

Ela Orleans' Night Voyager repurposes footage of the 1969 Apollo moon mission to retell the narrative … [more]

Liquid Library and Tough Sell present

Eyes of the Amaryllis + Shit Creek + Hannah Sullivan + Dan Guthrie

Sun 17 March // 20:00

Liquid Library and Tough Sell cordially invite you to a pastoral, blissed-out Sunday evening gig, with … [more]

BNM presents - Middle Isle Ensemble: Austerity Music

Sat 27 April // 12:00

Join us for a concert of experimental contemporary classical music at the Cube Microplex. Featuring music … [more]

Graham Reynolds

Sun 5 May // 18:00

Called “the quintessential modern composer” by the London Independent, Austin-based Graham Reynolds is anything but your … [more]

Ex-Easter Island Head: Norther Album Launch

+ Marlene Ribeiro

Fri 17 May // 19:30

A welcome return for Liverpudlian stalwarts of extended guitar technique Ex-Easter Island Head. After a rapturous … [more]