At the Cube we strive to accommodate everybody, however due to the historic nature of the building this can be difficult for wheelchair users and those with severe mobility issues due to the many steps required to access the venue, and between the various different levels inside.  We are also not legally permitted to accommodate wheelchairs in the auditorium due to its small size, and the fact that all entrances and emergency exits involve rather steep stairs for access.  If you have concerns about your access to the venue then please feel free to contact us at

If you have a CEA card we can provide a complimentary ticket for someone to go with you - please email or call beforehand.

The theatre seats at the Cube are: ~ 42 cm wide (edge of arm rest to edge of arm rest) and ~ 44 cm deep. We can bring in up to two larger chairs - please email or call beforehand.

Apologies but we have no hearing loop at present.

Our babycinema showings (usually Monday mornings) offer lowered movie volume and extra lighting in the auditorium and are open to all.

We strive to be as financially accessible as we can - bar and ticket prices are low.