Privacy Policy


The legal name of the Cube is The Cube Cinema Ltd, a company limited by guarantee, Company No. 03804895, herein after referred to as The Cube.

The Cube is the data controller for your personal information.

Contact details:

4 Princess Road

Phone: 0117 9074190


The Cube is committed to protecting your personal information.

This Privacy Policy gives you detailed information on when and why we collect your personal information, how we use it and how we keep it secure.

The Cube runs it own server, hosted by Bytemark, located in UK.

Cube Web site

When you visit our web site, the web server logs your IP addresses, the time and date of your visit, the pages that were requested, the referring website (if provided) and your internet browser version.  The raw web server logs are automatically deleted after 4 weeks.

The Cube does not use Google Analytics, so the Cube is not assisting Google in profiling every aspect of your online behaviour. The Cube’s web traffic is analysed by the open-source web analytics platform Matomo (formerly known as Piwik), hosted by For more details, please consult Matomo's privacy policy.

We glance at the web statistics a couple of times a year.

Pages for individual events on the Cube web site often contain embedded content from 3rd party service providers like youtube, vimeo, soundcloud etc. If you are signed into any if these services whilst browsing the Cube’s web pages, those services will track you mercilessly.

How We Collect Your Personal Information

The Cube is a membership organisation. Membership is mandatory and costs £1 for life. The proof of your membership is your membership card, issued to you when you purchase membership at the Cube Box office. If you have lost your membership card, you will need to buy another.

At the time of purchasing your membership, you are given the option of being added to our member’s database. You provide us with a name and an email address. You do not need to be in our membership database to be a member.

Typically once a week, we will send you an email with the forthcoming attractions at the Cube. We may in the future fund raise for the building, in which case we may email you with news of the fund raising, our plans for the future and to solicit donations.

It is standard practice for organisations to derive a mass of information on their customers from the responses to their mail shots. One technique of doing this is by tracking the opening of embedded images and the embedding of web site links specific to each customer or user. We do not associate the opening of images with specific users. We do not collect any data nor do any analysis on the responses to our mail shots.  The only user-specific information is contained in the mail shots are three web links to the Cube web site at the end of each email. These links allow our members to

  • Unsubscribe from being emailed (and if you keep the email, to resubscribe at a later date)

  • See the entirely of what information the Cube holds on you, and edit it

  • Delete yourself from the Cube member’s database.

Using the edit link, you can, if you choose, provide additional information about yourself, including your address, phone number and your web site URL.  No use is made of your address or phone number. If you have supplied us with your web site homepage, it will appear at

If you do not have your unique membership edit link, and wish to modify or ask your entry to be deleted from the members’ database, you can write to or email us.

You can opt to receive our mail shots without being a member by using the form here:

How We Handle Your Information and Other Organisations

The Cube will never share, sell, rent or trade your personal information to any third parties.

The Cube uses these external ticketing organisations, each of which have their own privacy policy


Headfirst Bristol:

We do not provide our ticketing organisations with any of your personal information. Our ticketing organisations may do analysis using the history of the ticket purchases. The Cube does not receive nor use that analysis.

Further information on data protection regulations and laws can be found here:

Data Protection: