Sounds of The Cube

An archive of sounds from within the vortex of The Cube Microplex, carefully netted for you by some of our more audio-acious individuals:


85 Sounds for Preparation

85 Keys for Communion & 85 Sounds for Preparation

A rubbing of The Cube Microplex’s prepared piano:

An ode to a bewitching instrument, a documentation and sharing of its sounds ahead of re-preparation.

Lore has it as divinatory, a resonant egregore of all witnessed, imprinted of passing hands, ears and hearts.

All rubbings high crude-elity WAV. The 85 key hits & 85 sounds made during one of our conversations, hoping to be appreciated and re-prepared, hoping to stretch it’s arms (hammers)

Big thanks to those of the Prepared

Re-appreparations greatly welcomed at: