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Feral Business Network presents

RADMIN Convention

a festival of administration

Fri 15 February 2019 // 09:30 (SOLD OUT)

Tickets: Delegates: £25 Festival ticket, covers all festival events

PLEASE NOTE – This event is not at The Cube Cinema but at Arts Mansion, Ashton Court, BS41 9JN.

Workshops, presentations and packed lunch.

The RADMIN Convention is an all-day series of workshops, taking an artist-led and speculative approach to rethink how we (as individuals and organisations) could do business.

Workshops at The Convention:

Embracing Polarity (Different Space)

This workshop considers and explores the apparent polarity of ‘art’ and ‘administration’. We will play with both conceptual and embodied ways of bringing these energies into relationship with one another.

Radical Organisational Portraiture

How do you create a radical portrait of organisational structure? Join us and share in the process of Radical Organisational Portraiture. This exploration will be led by Hughes, Kruglanski and Woollett who propose a triptych of Enterprise Imaging, Wild Yeast Economics and an Expansion of the Social in Portraiture.

CUPS (Creative University Professional Services)

In 1957, New Zealand educational administrator, C E Beeby, made an impassioned argument that administration was an art more than a science. In this workshop, Heidi Andrews, Linda Challis, Katherine Dunleavy, and Angela Piccini will work with the materialities and practices of research administration as art.

Incidental Unit Workshop on The Open Brief: New Professional Functions for the Incidental Person

The Incidental Unit is working with the linage of the Artist Placement Group, a radical collective dating from the 1960s that used the open brief (OB) to place artists in sectors across the UK. Case studies will indicate how the OB has operated. Work with us to relate it to contemporary administration, employment and art practice.

Vegetal organisations (FoAM)

An invitation for artists, thinkers and thinkerers to engage in a co-working practice of observation, care and being-with plants. What kinds of relating can we initiate, beyond either gardening or aesthetic objectification, and how can this inform human experience of work, time, productivity and co-creation?

Unpacking Lunch (The Ad Hoc Collective)

The Ad Hoc Collective have a passion for all things food, from food sovereignty to wellbeing through cooking. Join them as they prepare the convention lunch. Food is given the ability to connect and realign.

Legal Eagles: Doing Things Differently

Legal Eagles present a series of creative ‘legal hacks’, which illustrate how legislation can help change how do things differently. During the workshop we will also co-devise a series of speculative legal hacks and slogans for human and non-human matters.

Songform as Time and Motion (Richard Youngs)

This workshop approaches songwriting as a workflow with a deadline. Creative efficiency techniques will be outlined, standard times allotted for the achievement of creative work outcomes, and improved creative work methods examined. Drudgery will never have been such fun.

Redrawing Economy (Keep it Complex)

A hands on session to figure out how your practice ticks economically, and to get a better picture of how you work, earn money, who supports you and what you are working towards. With Rosalie Schweiker who recently published a sharp hand drawn analysis of London’s Art World Economies and depicts some of the myths, cruelty, solidarity, exploitation and support systems that keep the art worlds moving.

Intimacy Encryption (IRATIONAL.ORG)

A workshop in how to communicate securely over any media using nothing more than sharing some special time together. We are mostly taught that security and privacy are built on creating distance. Getting very close to people is often a better strategy, hence intimacy encryption, used very effectively by former fluffy groups such as Irish Republican Army and Palestine Liberation Organisation.

Dark Arts, Grey Areas and other Contingencies (FoAM)

In a world enthralled by market economics, sooner or later every artist is faced with the question of financing their work. Drawing on the dark arts, the domain where magicians and fortune-tellers commune with unknowable, faceless entities, we explore economic and cultural grey areas to reclaim tools of business administration as an artistic medium.

RADMIN - What can artists do for business?

At a time where the legitimacy of 'business as usual' has been called spectacularly into doubt, new thinking and practice around how we do business is urgently sought. Open to individuals and collectives, artists, producers, administrators and creative organisations, we will gather at RADMIN, Britain's first Festival of Administration, to erase, ghost-write and re-file, over three days of receptions, discussions, dinners, provocations and office parties.

RADMIN is a summit in which we will reconsider the 'dull' spaces of administration, managing, trading and maintenance, not as a set of largely hostile impediments which invade or co-opt arts practice but as sites for critical and creative enquiry, radical histories, experiments, politics, wild imaginaries and meaningful work.

With: 3 Stages of Succession, The Ad Hoc Collective, Bristol Co-operative Gym, Centre for Plausible Economies, Common Wallet, Company Drinks, Cube Cinema, CUPS (Creative University Professional Services), Different Space, Drawing Exchange, Feral Trade, FoAM, The Incidental Unit, Institute for Experiments with Business, IRATIONAL.ORG, Legal Eagles, Polar Produce, Port O' Bristol, Plumbmaid, Richard Youngs, The School for Organizing, Trade Show, UWE Business School, The Viriconium Palace AND OTHERS.

The festival runs over three days and nights, with a festival ticket that provides access to all the events and some individual tickets for Friday night's Office Party and Saturday's RADMIN activities.

See here for the full programme of festival events.

Thurs 14th. Evening: Gala Dinner
Fri 15th. Day: Convention. Evening: Office Party
Sat 16th. Day: Professional Development Bonanza! Evening: Screening