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Witch Please: Dreaming

Sat 30 November 2019 // 19:30

Tickets: £6 early bird / £8 advance / £10 on the door

this is the time of the in-between, of the half-light and its tender inhabitants. this is the domain of gestures and whispers, the scurrying lice that busy themselves under the stone of imagination and memory, the soft and soggy forms at work in the garden at night. the hidden motion of a world in transition, the unseen embrace of decay, of slowing, of making visible the rot that hunts the harvest. this is the dreamworld, the unconscious, the palace of the ancestors both unruly and at rest.

press your ear to the ground and hear their mute chorus. meet the gaze of the beings that live at the corners of your vision. lay your body on the ground: you are slow-dancing to this rubbing-together of the legs of consequence. become the twitching, swirling, flickering afterglow of a match that even now is still being struck. this is time to celebrate the will of those who came before us, their matted fur and slime trails, their life-giving breath and appetite for bedrock. this is time to plant the seeds of what might be in the soil of what has been.

make space on the dance floor for the beings not yet incarnate. give love in your movement. nature loves to hide, and she loves a gallant failure. make space for noxious life, the bursting forth of heat from stagnation, for burning and ringing and brine and vinegar. set aside your need to prove yourself. there is no time left. we find ourselves buried in the weave of the imaginal, as we turn to mush inside our chrysalis. while fog obscures the land we peer deep into our creative ambivalence – we are dreaming.

WITCH PLEASE is a party
WITCH PLEASE is a ritual action
WITCH PLEASE is an invitation

to be your best self, to be your worst nightmare
to unbridle your desires, queer your human frame and embrace the mystery
to dance with the archetypes and surrender to the fates and the furies
faux fur and face paint, lace and leather, infinite light bursting from vibrant matter
let's concoct a queer cosmology, a mythos for the pandrogynous
we are ecological beings, swimming not drowning in the waters of psyche

expect occult happenings, ritual performance and cosmic disco. prepare to participate, and dress to distress.