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Witch Please: Decay

Sat 6 October 2018 // 19:30

Tickets: £4/6/8 advance

the daze of high summer reaches its stagnant peak, as the ferment of this heat drives us to distraction. grasping for branches that bow with interspecies orgies, bursting with fruit already rotten when it drops, at the end of days we burrow for sanctuary below the forest floor. it is here, in the underworld, that we will finally yield to the yew and mycelium, repurposed, reintegrated, welcomed back into the slow ebb and flow of life. as the compost heap smokes with the fire of transformation, so too will the heat of our ecstasy remake us. so too will the sweat of our dancing water the earth. our decaying forms shall radiate the unbearable light of our love. come and settle in to your home amongst the woodlice and the leaf mould, cuddle up with the nematodes and earthworms, come be eaten up and shat out perfect, fertile and reborn.

"Or was it, after all, the Helper
Coming again to pick the crucial knot
Of all his bonds?"
– Ted Hughes, "Prometheus in His Crag"


WITCH PLEASE is a party
WITCH PLEASE is a ritual action
WITCH PLEASE is an invitation
to be your best self, to be your worst nightmare
to unbridle your desires, queer your human frame and embrace the mystery
to dance with the archetypes and surrender to the fates and the furies
faux fur and face paint, lace and leather, infinite light bursting from vibrant matter
let's concoct a queer cosmology, a mythos for the pandrogynous
we are ecological beings, swimming not drowning in the waters of psyche

expect occult happenings, ritual performance and cosmic disco. prepare to participate, and dress to distress.