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Cultish presents

Video Nasties Night - Ban This Filth!

Dir: Joe D'Amato, 1980, 90 min

Wed 16 September 2015 // 20:00

Tickets: £6 / £5

To commemorate 30 years since the Video Recordings Act was enacted, the Cube welcomes the first ever uncut UK screening of Anthropophagus, newly cleared by the BBFC. We'll have a panel of experts to debate the whole video nasties era, with all the video nasty trailers screening (screaming?), themed food and drink (including pastry intestines and blood punch) and DJ remixing the soundtracks to ghastly effect.

As part of its contribution to Scalarama, the Cube takes a nostalgic look back at the moral panic that gave rise to the 1984 Video Recordings Act. First up will be the première uncut UK screening of Joe D'Amato's 1980 horror Anthropophagus, which was only recently granted a certificate under the title The Grim Reaper. Best known for its foetus-eating sequence, this is a minor classic remote island cannibal zombie flick with an entertaining central performance by George Eastman, whose credits include D'Amato's later Porno Holocaust.

On our panel we'll have Ian Berriman (SFX Magazine), Mark Bould (University of the West of England) and Pete Falconer (University of Bristol), moderated by Jack Fennell (University of Limerick). We'll follow up the panel discussion on video nasties with a Q&A session. Join us- if you dare...

Screening as part of the Cube's Scalarama programme.


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