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Triple Billops

Suzanne, Suzanne (1982) / A String of Pearls (2002) / Older Women and Love (1987)

Dir Camille Billops and James Hatch, 1982-2002, c120 mins, Cert 15.

Sun 29 October 2023 // 15:00

Tickets: £5 (full)

The Cube is thrilled to present a triple bill of newly restored works by trailblazing African-American artist and filmmaker Camille Billops and her husband-collaborator James Hatch.

Billops and Hatch worked together for several decades, leaving behind an invaluable legacy as archivists who worked tirelessly to preserve records of Black cultural life.  As filmmakers they turned their unflinching camera on Billops’s own, often painful, personal experiences, resulting in innovative autobiographical works that explore the interior workings of Black cultural life through the prism of their extended families and friends.

Today we will be screening two films from their 'Family Trilogy' - Suzanne, Suzanne (1982, 26 mins) and A String of Pearls (2002, 57 mins).  Together these films cover more than thirty years of troubling truths from Billops’s own family life, exploring issues such drug addiction, abuse and parenthood with fearless honesty. 

Completing the programme will be Older Women and Love (1987, 27 mins) which, through interviews and dramatisations, offers a touching and often humorous look at social attitudes toward relationships between older women and younger men. 

Doors open: 14:30

Film start time: 15:00

We may show a trailer or two but we never screen a programme of adverts so the film will start a few minutes after the advertised time.