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The Songs of Brian Eno

Sun 4 June 2017 // 19:00

Tickets: £12 advance, £14 on the door

The Songs of Brian Eno​ is a retrospective of pre-ambient Eno, featuring material from Another Green World and Before And After Science, as well as his collaboration with David Byrne, My Life In the Bush of Ghosts. Released over forty years ago, Eno’s songs were overshadowed by his groundbreaking ambient works and stellar production career, but as this multimedia show demonstrates, his innovative approach to songwriting deserves such a meticulous recreation. Performed by an eight-piece ‘double’ ensemble with live stereo sound treatments, guest vocalists, film and image projection, theatre and choreography, the experience is both cerebral and moving, reflecting Eno’s own ideas on ‘seductive reasoning’. From floating, proto-ambient meditations, through African grooves to frenetic Art Rock, The Songs of Brian Eno is a showcase of the many faces of Eno, arguably one of the most influential figures in modern music.