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The Raid 2

Dir: Gareth Evans, 2014, 150 mins, Indonesia/USA, subtitles, Cert:18

Mon 19 May 2014 // 20:00
Tue 20 May 2014 // 20:00 *

Tickets: £5/4/3 (TTT)

After the Raid and Dredd battled it out for tower supremacy two years ago, Gareth Evans has returned with the Raid 2, continuing straight from where we left off, literally and figuratively.  Barely five minutes have passed before we have our first full on fight scene, which seems to involve more bone crunching than the Raid did in its entire film, and as Peter Bradshaw in the Guardian comments, reminds you more of Kurosawa than Bruce Lee.

What the original film had in sparsity (restricting the action to one building, minimal plot) the sequel carries in bucket loads - undercover cops and gang rivalries fight it out in a series of spectacular scenes including an amazing car chase.  The original film is still given a nod to as well.

The enemies are also given more character, and weapons, and contains one of the best fight scenes containing a hammer you will have seen since Oldboy...

" A popcorn-spilling assault on the senses" ★★★★ Little White Lies