The Quantum Horse Quantamime Budget

Mon 13 February 2023 // 20:00

CUBE PANTO Budget (approx)

You might be wondering how we are funding this Panto? We are doing it in the way The Cube and many people do triillons of things – with lots & lots of volunteer and amateur workers and performers, but also with inevitable fixed, variable & quantum costs.

The Cube has a history of making things happen outside the standard art venue conventions and external funding or grants. While bar sales will cover hidden costs and ensure The Cube (and therefore future Pantos) can continue into the future, we will pay the Panto's financial costs by selling tickets and doing some exceptional crowd funding – see Panto Patrons options on the event pages.

To help understand all this, please find the Quantum Horse budget below.

Please support us.

Updated on 11/02/23

Panto Costs:

Wages = £2,500 (most are volunteering but pay is required for some people/services)

Props, Costumes, Sets etc = £2,000 (materials)

Transportation, travel and accommodation = £400

Catering - £1000 (through the rehearsals & shows, important we keep ourselves warm and well)

Fixed Cube Cinema Costs = £2,700 (heating, licenses etc,etc, etc over rehearsal and show days)

Promotion = £800 (walkabout, posters, advertising etc)

Specialist Equipment / Venue Repairs etc = £1,600

Total Approx Costs = £11,000

Projected Ticket income:

Basic Ticket Income 8 shows / 90 people per show = £7200 (at an average of £10 per seat. 720 people)

Panto Patrons Ticket Income + donations = £1500

Total Approx Income = £8700