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The Post Day of the Dead Ritual

A suite of musics by Eugene Chadbourne

Thu 2 November 2017 // 19:30

Tickets: £6 advance

A mazzy musical ceremony on this Mexican Day Of The Dead as well as a tribute to musicians/singers/artists no longer on this mortal coil (imagine an orchestra with Marilyn Monroe, Thelonious Monk, Ralph Stanley and John Lennon!!). From the USA, cult legend Eugene Chadbourne brings us sections of his fabled Post Day of the Dead Ritual suites of music for multiple performers. The suite is inspired by Chadbourne’s interest in Mexican culture and features Bristol musicians from all kind of fields playing specially composed music juxtaposed with improvisation and feats of magical thinking.

Eugene Chadbourne
Matt Davis - Trumpet
Matthew Grigg – Guitar
Casey Hale - Guitar
Tim Hill - Alto & Baritone Saxophone
Mike Hurley - Keys
Mark Langford - Bass Clarinet, Tenor Saxophone
Dominic Lash - Double Bass
Yvonna Magda – Violin
Hannah Marshall - Cello
Tony Orrell - Drums
Helen Papaioannou - Baritone Saxophone
Fat Paul / Roger Skerman – Electronics
Steve Radford - Saxophone
Dali de Saint Paul – Voice

Eugene was described as America’s “only anarcho-paramilitary-electro-folkie-troubadelic-matador” but fans of all kinds mainstream and underground subcultural connectivity will dig as well as Zappa, Lil B, Sun City Girls, James Ferraro followers. Prepare for a visionary set of musical skits, lifts, portals and emotions on this special night.


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