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Fairytales for grown-ups

The Origins of Life & Death

Performance storytelling by Jan Blake

Thu 7 October 2021 // 19:30

Tickets: £20.00 sold in pairs

In the beginning there was nothing except Death, his wife and his only daughter. Death created a vast ocean of mud for his family to live in. Woyengi, goddess of creation and fate, was repulsed by the filth. Sitting at a great wooden table in a barren field, she set about the business of creating living beings... including the powerful Oboyngba - healer, magician & rebellious spirit.

Complete with power struggles, audacious challenges, magical battles, rage, revenge and banishment, Jan Blake shares tales of creation and of extinction, and the reasons behind both. Expect raw hardcore magic.

'The Crick Crack Club is something special' A Younger Theatre

TICKETS: £20 for a block of 2 seats together.
SUITABLE: Adults 14+
CUBE COVID FAQ HERE: https://cloud.cubecinema.com/s/crickcrackcovidfaq
SEAT ALLOCATION: Your seats will be allocated as you arrive!
RUNNING TIME: 70mins approx