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The Oil Machine

With Q&A hosted by The Bristol Cable

Dir: Emma Davie, 2022, UK, 81 mins, Cert: PG

Mon 27 February 2023 // 20:00

Tickets: £5

Oil has been an invisible machine at the core of our economy and society. It now faces an uncertain future as activists and investors demand change. Is this the end of oil?

By highlighting the complexities of how oil is embedded in our society – from high finance to cheap consumer goods – THE OIL MACHINE brings together a wide range of voices from oil company executives, economists, young activists, workers, scientists, and pension fund managers. It considers how this machine can be tamed, dismantled, or repurposed.

Followed by a Q&A discussion hosted by The Bristol Cable featuring:
- Rachel Moffat, Bristol Energy Network
- Ellen Harrison, Triodos
- Tony Muir, Just Stop Oil Bristol
- Dr Eunice Lo, University of Bristol