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Sonic Exploration into rewilding through story telling, folk music and field recordings.

Sat 29 February // 20:00

Tickets: £9 advance / £11 on door

Discover how re-wilding is flourishing, engage with the ecology behind it and recall our deep connection with nature. Dwell for an evening in a place where myth, magic, mind and science meet. 

Re-wilding and  what it means to be wild is deeply embedded in our stories, music and ecological thought.

"Soundings: reverberations at the edge of wild" explores this powerful and timely engagement with the natural world by combining ecological narrative, storytelling, songs and fiddle. The voices of other species are woven through the performance as a rich tapestry of connections is brought to life through facts, stories, recordings and English and Irish folk music.  We draw on material from our own country as well as the other side of the world … from the perspective of an ant to that of a mountain …  from the prehistoric past to the present … and ultimately to our own souls and imaginations. 

Storyteller Fiona Eadie, ecologist and writer Jude Smith, musicians Nicola Hillary and Sue O'Driscoll.