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Silent Cinema


Self-directed / Certifiable / 90 mins / 13th March 2021

Sat 13 March // 11:00
Sat 13 March // 19:00
Sat 13 March // 21:00

Tickets: Free - donations more than welcome!

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3 times: Matinee at 11am, 7pm and 9pm. Pick your place - get a ticket. This cinema is closed. This time is open.

For 90 minutes take time to quietly compose your very own feature film.

You are invited to find a seat, dim the lights, focus the attention and drift with the senses.

In partial memory of having spaces to go and watch films together. In remembrance of much that we lost and in anticipation of what we can find.

Any donations received will go to maintaining The Cube Cinema's operations. Other film spaces are more than welcome join in and do their own version of a Silent Cinema.

If you want a job or something to do - be the usher - looking out for whatever happens (with a sweetie or two), the FOH person - holding the space (in the bar, listening to music), the projectionist - loading up a feature for future times (having a drink). The ticket sales, data entry and reloading the fridges can wait until the film is over, keep focused.... its a good film.

The Microplex closed down most of its physical public functions on the 14th March 2020. Its been a year. The Cube workforce carries on cleaning, gardening, paying, projecting, distributing, making, streaming, falling out and calling it all in. We will be thinking about us.