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Screaming Keys: Modulus III + The Sounds Of Ursa + more

Tue 20 June 2023 // 20:00

Tickets: £10

Screaming Keys

Modulus III

The Sounds Of Ursa

Pete Judge - solo piano

Visuals by Sloon


Immerse yourself in a sensory feast at The Cube Microplex as you prepare to embark on a transcendent sonic voyage guided by three extraordinary acts amidst a tapestry of stunning visuals by Sloon.

Kicking the night off in no small way is the captivating beauty of Pete Judge's solo neo-classical/folk piano set. Delicate notes will transport you to distant lands, as these skilled hands bring forth a blend of elegance and emotion, giving rise to a harmonious fusion of tradition and innovation, enhanced by mesmerizing visuals that dance in synchrony.

Next, you will surrender to the spellbinding allure of The Sounds Of Ursa, as dark, dreamy cinematic songs seduce you to ethereal realms, their haunting melodies wrapping around you like a mist only to be eclipsed by intense dynamic climaxes. In tandem Helen Stanley (voice/keys/synths) Boris Ming (Violin) Mike Kingston (Guitar) James Philips (Drums) and evocative folk horror visuals will envelop you, this is a realm where reality merges with the ancient sublime.

To close this unique evening, you will witness the sonic alchemy of Modulus III, as their improvisational prowess sets the stage ablaze pushing the boundaries of sonic exploration. With electronic and acoustic instruments at their command, Dan Moore (Synths/Fender Rhodes) Drew Morgan (Cello, Synths) and Matt Brown (Drums) forge intricate spontaneous soundscapes that defy convention. Accompanied by psychedelic colors, textures, and forms, your senses will be guided through uncharted territories of the mind.

Be ready to be shifted to spheres both familiar and unknown, as we celebrate the power and beauty of music with keys at its helm. Honouring the convergence of sound and sight Cube fashion, for an unforgettable evening of musical brilliance that will no doubt leave an everlasting imprint on your soul.