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Reclaim the Hides

Thu 17 June // 19:00

Tickets: £6 (block of 2)

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This is a talk which starts at 7pm and ends at 8pm. 

Reclaim the Hides is birder Matthew See’s project to bloodymindedly reframe birdwatching as an act that, while not revolutionary in itself, is one rich in reward for anyone who dreams of or fights for a different world. 

Having begun as a self-published zine (issue three is still in the works), then become a led walk, it returns to Bristol following a visit to Castle Park in 2018. And perhaps fittingly after the soaking rain that day, for the first time it will take the form of an indoor talk.

For all recorded history people have projected their hopes, fears and existential rubbish onto birds, and sought to crowbar out of them a profound understanding of the human world. As flawed an approach as this is, the premise of Reclaim the Hides is that utopians and truck-burners can do the same. And given the radicalising, dehumanising year we have all had, why shouldn't we?