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QWAK club #11: Sholto Dobie + Rosena Wenonoah + Carnivorous Plants

Tue 25 October 2022 // 20:00

Tickets: £7 Full / £5 Concession

Sholto Dobie - Born in Edinburgh and lives in Vilnius, Lithuania. He works with sound, music and performances as well as organising events and exhibitions. He uses loose structures and an array of sound-sources including home-made organs, hurdy gurdy and field recordings. His performances are personal and intuitive, often coming across as delicate, evocative, and absurd. 

Recent audio works include Dilo (with Lucia Nimcova, Mappa 2021), It's Worse (with Shakeeb Abu Hamdan, TakuRoku, 2021) and the solo pieces Nevery (Thanet Tape Centre 2020). He has toured throughout the UK, Europe and Chile and performed at festivals such as Kraak Festival, Soundtiago, Jauna Muzika Festival, Counterflows Festival, Antechamber, Berwick Film & Media Arts Festival and Glasgow International.

In Vilnius, he co-organises concerts as part of Studium P, and recently curated a series of residencies at Sodas 2123, which hosted artists Antonina Nowacka, Shakeeb Abu Hamdan, Ahti & Ahti, Adam Christensen and The Ladies Club. He also organizes Progine, a regular show on Radio Vilnius.

Rosena Wenonoah - One of QWAK club's favourite artists on the planet, returns to the Cube for her first live performance since Sept 2019. A remarkable songwriter, lyricist and performer, a live set from Rosena is truly something to behold.

Carnivorous Plants - Very pleased to have Liquid Library's Owen Chambers blessing us with a solo 'Dawn Metal' set to get things underway in the cosy auditorium. Expecting some thick, dense, blown-out guitar drones and transcendental vocalisations. Imagine hearing Popul Vuh and Corrupted jamming together in some major keys whilst watching a rocket packed with the likes of Putin, Trump and Truss slowly drifting across a blue sky on a one-way journey to the nearest black hole. Properly meditative, soul-nourishing stuff.