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The Cube and GLARC present GLARCive

Propan, Fantasy Land, Han & Food People

Part of GLARC's weekend long takeover

Sat 22 July 2023 // 20:00

Tickets: £6

In part 1 of GLARC’s weekend long residency at the Cube, we present:



Propan was founded in 2011 by Norweigan vocalists Ina Sagstuen and Natali Abrahamsen Garner. They have toured widely throughout the world, including Japan, Australia, USA and Europe. They released their third album, Loom on GLARC in 2022 , following Baby (Va Fongool 2016), Trending (SOFA 2019). The album featured 16 stunning pieces of semi-composed improvisations, layered in time, where timbre, texture, rhythm and form become layers in a sonic weaving, and was featured on Radio Three and the Quietus, who said: “I absolutely love this cassette [...] Loom sits just right on my synapses, simple vocal patterns punching far above their weight”

The Duo come to Cube as part of a wider UK tour, their first since Loom.



Fantasy Land are David deBarra, Jack Sheehan and Isa Gordon.

Formed sometime in the temporal non-space of lockdown, this trio of pals spent months holed up in a DIY cabin-studio, surrounded by bog, making what would become their debut album: ADULT (GLARC 2023).

ADULT expresses a many great things: that madness is the truth of knowledge (an absurd concept in itself), that dischord is the well of cadence, that contemporary pastoral (‘folk’?) is as much a car-window donk as a reverb-setting on a ukulele, that the mating life of Daddy Long Legs deserves greater consideration in the ballad tradition.

Or, less pretentiously – this is fucking nuts and fucking class.


Han spends half of her time working in NHS operating theatres and the other half of her time making weird noise music about institutions. She lives in Glasgow where she runs membership-based experimental gig series Events Research Programme, is a resident DJ at La Cheetah, and edits radical healthcare zine The Guts of It.

Links: https://glarc.bandcamp.com/album/the-institute-of-ecoterrorism / https://soundcloud.com/mixtape_club/boosterhooch-what-kind-of-music-do-u-play



Lila Matsumoto, Greg Thomas, and Matthew Hamblin are Food People. They have been making sounds together since 2018 but have been friends for much longer. Their LP Many Glorious Petals is out on Feeding Tube; they’ve also had albums released by labels including Chocolate Monk, Sound Holes, Cardboard Club and Cosmovision Registros Andinos. 


Webpage: https://foodpeople.bandcamp.com/

Video: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=OF3JIlInvYI

About GLARCive

GLARCive 0001 is a two day collaborative residency between the cassette label Greater Lanarkshire Auricular Research Council (GLARC) and Cube Cinema in Bristol. The weekend will consist of live performances, workshops, radio streams and hanging out. All welcome!

Many of us involved in both GLARC and the Cube - and the wider ecosystem of DIY arts and experimental music we inhabit - talk regularly in our local scenes about the challenges of doing sustaining this work/leisure in the current moment. Things are tricky, not least because of rents, gentrification, a slow decimation of public space and arts venues, extractive corporate cultural forms, opaque funding bodies, and the many barriers to participation facing people from oppressed backgrounds.

We envisage GLARCive 0001 as a place to explore some of these challenges in a collaborative ways, to compare notes at this particular juncture, and see what's been working (or not) between Bristol and Glasgow. We also want to learn a bit about the history of a space like the Cube, in a playful exploration of archival processes, arts 'documentation' and DIY / social movement memory. Who knows, if it goes well we may even do another one, in another town, at some point.

Check out https://cubecinema.com/ for details on the gigs and free workshops that are taking place over the weekend.

If you'd like to get involved or submit an idea for the radio broadcast (or a workshop / live performance) please email glarcglarcglarcglarc@gmail.com with the Subject 'GLARCive'. You can submit a completed radio piece (as Wetransfer or downloadable MP3/WAV link at 256kbps or higher), or a written proposal. Either way, please include a short description of your submission / idea (100 words), a biographic note (100 words) and some contact details.

We're interested in work that touches on questions and themes such as:

• The history of The Cube and the surrounding area, linked to current processes of gentrification and urban change. Unearthed sounds / music from the area.
• Current methods / approaches in making experimental / weird / DIY music & art, wherever you are. What, how, where are you doing stuff?
• Ideas / Speculative fiction / sonic explorations of possible futures for any of this.

Deadline for submissions JUNE 30th 2023.