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Circus City presents

Pirates of Salé

Directors: Rosa Rogers and Merieme Addou, 2014, France/UK/Morocco, 79 mins

Sun 22 October 2017 // 17:00

Tickets: £5 (full price) / £4 (concession)

On Morocco’s old pirate coast, a new generation of pirates are setting sail in one of Morocco’s first professional circus school.

Cirque Shems’y overlooks Salé’s poorest slums and hundreds of teenagers come to audition each year, in search of a different future. Pirates of Salé follows four young Moroccans on a tough journey of transformation in search of athletic and artistic excellence - and personal and creative freedom.

This is a film about being young in a place with few opportunities and daring to dream.

‘This inspiring documentary balances human interest with exciting, handsomely lensed circus acts’ - Variety

The Pirates of Salé is part of Circus City, one of Europe’s biggest contemporary circus festivals taking place in Bristol from 12-29 Oct with over 50 events in more than 15 locations. For more information visit bristolcircuscity.com.