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Enter the Noid & Earworm presents:

Pale World, Distraxi, Shearman, Ecotage

DJs: Jake Healy & Ringtones

Thu 20 June // 19:00

Tickets: £8 adv, £10 otd

For their third Cube event, Enter the Noid host a night of experiments in material-based resonance & harsh noise with co-hosts and New River Studio regulars Earworm. 

PALE WORLD - Amplified Raw Material Assault
Pale World is the alias of Joe Parkes, mainstay of the UK noise scene with powerful releases on labels Outsider Art, Trust Collective, Abhorrent AD, Ceremonial Laptop and more. His work evokes a certain nostalgia, drawing comparison to familiar artists from the early aughts (Oscillating Innards, Impregnable, Pedestrian Deposit. etc) due to it’s heavy use of lush ambient intros and outros that frame the more prominent assault of dense, fast, dynamic harsh noise.

DISTRAXI - Queer Industrial Pain Electronics
Certainly a name that should be familiar to most South West noise fans, Distraxi is a pain electronics project created by Alina Church. Her output is equal parts punishing and personal with blown-out synths and guttural noise walls couching themes of anguish, longing and gender. Her most recent Bristol performance was a Monochrome festival highlight for us, weaving in and out of passages of melodic arpeggios, looped wretching & masterful manipulation of mic feedback.

SHEARMAN - Metal on Metal
James Shearman is a noise being of Leytonstone, London, who spreads his many tendrils into the various areas and crevices of noise. Across literally countless aliases & collaborative projects, he creates harsh noise wall and other non-music. In 2023, output under his own name has taken the specific direction of working with amplified metal improvisation and composition. Shearman also runs Earworm, an event series held at New River Studios, Spanners & Cafe Oto focused on showcasing UK and international acts from the noise scene.

ECOTAGE - Ecoterrorism Harsh Noise
Ecotage is the harsh noise project of Bristol based Isaac Windsor. Samples are used, distorted and warped, crushed up against the sound of metal objects, creating dense waves of sound. Harsh noise in defence of Mother Earth. The latest project released on Outsider Art “Tree Sitting” explores sound and themes of the protests which involves taking residence in trees to stop barbaric clear cutting practices which has devastating effects on the natural world.

Jake Healy (Sugarhorse / Solid Mates on Noods) & Ringtones (Enter the Noid) will also be DJing between performances by the bar.


£8 in advanced. £10 on the door