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Two sessions: 5pm til 6.30 / 7pm til 8pm - 6 people per sit-in


Ticket links below.

Sun 11 October 2020 // 17:00

Tickets: £2


David Graeber, anthropologist, Occupy + Rojava activist, anarchist and author of ‘Debt: The First 5000 Years’, ‘Bullshit Jobs’ and many other books, was suddenly taken from us just last month on a visit to Venice. His wife Nika is organising the Intergalactic Memorial Carnival to celebrate his life, with a spontaneous outburst of events across the world on October 11.

We have decided that The Cube too should play a part.

Our plans so far for this unfolding event are that it will be a very loose, sharing event to be held in the garden (weather allowing - if not, then in the auditorium) on Sunday October 11 with two sessions:

1. 5.00-6.30pm Book a place
2. 7.00-8.30pm Book a place

COVID-19 safe conditions will be in place with touch points cleaned after each use. You are required to wear face covering inside, provide contact details and stay at least 2 meters apart. We are limiting each session to 6 people plus Cube workers so book a place soon.

You are asked to give a £2 donation (to a cause yet to be decided, maybe we reach consensus on it?), and your entry includes a BULLSHIT FREE DRINK.

People can share their knowledge of David Graeber, whether in person, online, or in printed word, or just come to find out who he was. And if anyone has any creative ideas about what they’d like to do in commemoration, well it is The Cube... so we might be able to improvise it!