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Nanoplex presents , An all ages gig - (((On Pa)))

A joyful and exploratory celebration of sounds from our everyday lives...

Sat 30 November 2019 // 11:00

Tickets: Adults £5.00, kids £3.00, 2 yrs and under free

((( On Pa ))) meaning sound wave in Japanese, is the collaboration of Japanese musician and inventor Ichi and contemporary English folk artist Rachael Dadd. Their new performance is a joyful and exploratory celebration of sounds from our everyday lives fused with live drawing using an overhead projector. Water, paper and books, ball games, clapping, balloons, bottles and cooking utensils are used alongside voice, steel drum, xylophone, clarinet banjo and handcrafted instruments made from found objects. ((( On Pa ))) is an experience to be universally shared and enjoyed by all cultures and all ages and they invite you the audience to become an orchestra with them.  In particular (((On Pa))) would appeal to ages 0-10yrs. 

Links and Quotes


ICHI - “It's a trip to listen to and watch” Don Letts


Rachael Dadd - “contender for the best of the year lists… brilliantly unusual, unexpected tracks, you never know what she’s going to do next.” – Lauren Laverne