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Ghost Cat

Kuroneko [Yabu no naka no kuroneko]

Kaneto Shindō, 1968, Japan, 99 mins, Cert 15.

Sun 29 October // 20:00

Tickets: £5 (full)

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Halloween is nearly upon us, and to help get you into the spirit of things, the Cube is excited to present this rare screening of a Japanese horror classic.

Based on a supernatural folktale, 'Kuroneko' (or 'Black Cat in a Bamboo Grove' to give it the full Japanese title) is a brilliantly realised example of a 'Kaibyō' or 'supernatural cat' tale of Japanese folklore.   A popular film genre, stories often centre on an untimely and violent death where the victim's spirit inhabits - often through actual consumption by - the body of a nearby cat.  The moggy soon becomes mysterious and malevolent, causing havoc and mayhem until the spirit is in some way avenged.

Shot in TohoScope, with beautiful black-and-white photography, Kaneto Shindo's film is as sumptuously atmospheric and supremely spooky as his earlier 'Onibaba' - and is guaranteed to get your timbers a-shivering all the way to the litter tray!