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Hellfire Video Club presents

Just Say No!

with Blue Sunshine

Dir: Jeff Lieberman, 1977, USA, 94 mins, Cert: 18

Fri 19 May 2017 // 20:00

Tickets: £5 / £4

Hellfire Video Club are a bunch of judgemental, puritanical arseholes. Drugs are bad, guys… All of them! To illustrate this they are doing an educational screening of two fearful anti-psychotropic parables.

Lead film is Jeff Lieberman's classic "BLUE SUNSHINE" (1978), concerning a bad batch of LSD that, years after the users have partaken, causes their hair to fall out and become homicidal maniacs! It's left to frothy Zalman King to sniff out WTF is going on?! This freaky cult classic has many hair-raising scenes (arf!) and swings wildly between fun and pretty disturbing. Also contains a discotheque showdown, which all good films should have.

Stick around for more stern drug-bashing, as our second feature is INSANE! Coming straight out of the 1970's Brazilian underground.

As always, HFVC DJs will be in the bar spinning some psychoactive records.