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Liquid Library Presents

Jack Goldstein; Carnivorous Plants Ensemble; RRS + The Card

Mon 17 April 2023 // 19:30

Tickets: £7 full/£5 concession

Liquid Library and The Cube are ecstatic to host the return of the bombastic hyperpop maestro, Jack Goldstein, joined by a special large ensemble Carnivorous Plants set and the snackadelic stylings of Robert Ridley-Shackleton and his audacious backing band, The Card.

Untouchable one-man, high-octane powerpop powerhouse Jack Goldstein marries the bombast of Titus Andronicus and prime Springsteen with an undeniable experimental streak indebted to samplers, synths and songcraft. It’s an explosive expression of pent up emotion and a positive and progressive endeavour to recapture the cherished emotional vulnerability that the process of grief hardens us all to. A truly crucial live show.

Liquid Library's resident noise-mage channelling their all-music swirl into a special collaborative, inprovised ensemble show featuring a collection of Bristol freakscene stalwarts - Wendy Miasma, Big Fuss, Zero Gravity Tea Ceremony and who knows who else. Devotional folk-drone building to post-everything noise-jazz fusion, probably.

Legendary innovator of Card Funk, Robert Ridley-Shackleton always raises various roofs and crinkles and crunches every kinda groove imaginable, but coupled with his multi-keyboard and snaxophone wielding backing band, the vision just gets stronger and stronger. Like Suicide street-fighting The Family Stone at their most unhinged.