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Dir: Julian Rosefeldt, 2015, 104 minutes, Cert: 15

Mon 18 December 2017 // 20:00

Tickets: £5 (full) / £4 (concession)

Manifesto, starring Academy Award winner Cate Blanchett in thirteen roles, pays homage to the varied tradition, and literary beauty of artistic manifestos, questioning the role of the artist in society today.

Assembled from the writings of collectives (including Futurists, Dadaists, Fluxus artists, Suprematists, and Situationists), and the musings of individual architects, dancers and filmmakers, the film creates a collage of calls to action.

Often written in rage, these manifestos not only express the wish to change the world through art but also reflect the voice of a generation. This powerful film reveals the performative nature of such statements, and the political significance of these declarations.  

Doors open 30 minutes before film start time.

Even if a screening is sold out, tickets are often available 30 minutes before the start of the film at the box office.