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The Story Of Film: An Odyssey

Sun 17 February 2013 // 08:00

(Sun 17th Feb / 8am to midnight-ish / £5)
(Mark Cousins / 2011 / 900 minutes)

Shown on More4 in 15 parts, Mark Cousins says he intended his superlative history of film to be seen on the silver screen and it’s easy to see why. This is a cinematic odyssey in every sense, showcasing the development of film from the late 1800s to the present day. We’ll be screening all 15 revelatory, fascinating and endlessly entertaining hours from 8am to midnight(ish).
Entry will be by wristband allowing you to dip and out as you wish throughout the day. If you’re in for the long haul we’ll be taking breakfast, lunch and dinner orders throughout this marathon screening, with a little treat for anyone who lasts the full distance.

Schedule - note timings may be subject to slipping

(8am) 1895-1918: The World Discovers A New Artform
(9am) 1918-1928: The Triumph of American Film and the First of its Rebels
(10am) 1918-1935: The Great Rebel Filmmakers Around the World


(11.15am) The 1930s: The Great American Movie Genres and the Brilliance of European Film
(12.15pm) 1939-1952: The Devastation of War and a New Movie Language
(13.15pm) 1953-1957: The Swollen Story: World Cinema Bursting at the Seams


(14.30pm) 1957-1964: The Shock of the New - Modern Filmmaking in Western Europe
(15.30pm) 1965-1969: New Waves - Sweep Around the World
(16.30pm) 1967-1979: New American Cinema


(17.45pm) 1969-1979: Radical Directors in the 70s - Make State of the Nation Movies
(18.45pm) 1970s and Onwards: Innovation in Popular Culture - Around the World
(19.45pm) The 1980s: Moviemaking and Protest - Around the World


(21.00pm) 1990-1998: The Last Days of Celluloid - Before the Coming of Digital
(22.00pm) The 1990s: The First Days of Digital - Reality Losing Its Realness in America and Australia
(23.00pm) 2000 Onwards: Film Moves Full Circle - and the Future of Movies