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Hellfire Video Club presents

I Drink Your Blood

Hippie Horror Bum Trips

David Durston/ 1971/ USA/ 83 mins/ cert 18

Fri 24 November 2023 // 20:00

Tickets: £5

HFVC are back with a spiked prescription of bad acid bummers for the cold winter months, man.

A pseudo-satanic hippy cult arrive in sleepy American small town and move into a condemned house to conduct their ‘rituals’ – immediately upsetting the locals and causing a general air of fear and discontent. After the crazed loons attack the local vet and dose him with LSD, his grandson decides to wreak revenge by lacing the cult’s meat pies with a dose of rabies. Needless to say this proves to be an unwise move. Soon the already unstable gang are foaming at the mouth and spreading their toxicity around the town, with murderous and violent mayhem quickly spreading everywhere.

“I DRINK YOUR BLOOD”! This all-time classic hit of nihilism from the glory days of US exploitation upselling has run through the ears and eyes of many a grindhouse fanatic since its infamous trailer dropped in an early 70s post-Manson climate of fear, scaring many a straight out of their wits on its original pairing with 'I Eat Your Skin' ( perhaps the ultimate cannibalistic trash tag-line? Watch the original trailer in all its scuzzy glory here ) But that was another age… the skin eating is long forgotten, and it's no great loss, for we have the better half here by quite a stretch, and this prime piece of grime doesn't disappoint even 50 years later. Probing all the fear buttons of its day and jamming 'em in until they stick, this one is a quick and dirty descent into fast moving ‘lunatics on the loose’ mayhem, helpfully underscored by an alarming soundtrack of primitive synth blats and shrill screaming. So come take a bite, and get foaming.

Plus! Take note! There’s more for your well-hustled bread - those wanting a gentler comedown before venturing out into the good night can stick around for some bonus VHS-era murk, with a long forgotten 'stoned hippies get spooked' oddity.