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HCM // Alexia Avina + Molly Linen

Thu 14 July 2022 // 20:00

Tickets: £8 advance

Alexia Avina is an American singer-songwriter and guitarist born and raised in Southeast Asia, previously based in Montreal and now living in rural Massachusetts, whose heavenly music is rooted in ambient, folk and dreampop traditions. Alexia connected with Lost Map Records online, leading to her becoming the label’s first North American signing. Inspired by the visceral lyricism of Fiona Apple, the ambient electronica of Ai Aso, Sea Oleena and Hiroshi Yoshimura, the gauzy alt-folk of Lotte Kestner and the experimental sound collages of Kria Brekkan, her music is an utterly intoxicating listen – a kaleidoscopic swirl of textures and emotions, records to get lost in again and again.

“Mesmerising… A Distinct Talent” – Goldflakepaint
“Music For The Soul — And All Past And Future Forms It Took And Will Take” – Paste
“Exceedingly Lush… You’ll Feel As If You’re Sharing A Secret” – Stereogum

Alexa’s new single is I am Opening, taken from her new album A little Older.

About 'I Am Opening', Alexia writes:

"This is a song about opening up to a new kind of vulnerability, for the first time feeling it might be safe to do so and allowing it to happen. It was the first time I really realized that the voice is an instrument in and of itself and I experimented with using softness, hardness, and loudness to evoke the meaning of my words and the feeling behind them. It remains one of my favorite songs that I've written."

About A Little Older, Alexia writes:

"The start of this record began somewhere back in 2018 while sitting on my friend's floor in small town Germany, writing 'Way Things Grow' on a borrowed golden guitar. Over the next year, these songs pieced together to form a whole; phases of my life, each informing the next, yet somehow circularly revolving around the same thread of questioning.. a deepening examination and interweaving of the existential aspects of love and music and being. What does it mean to feel small, to feel nothing, to feel everything? To skirt around the edge of true vulnerability unknowingly and yet somehow so consistently?"

Molly Linen is a Shropshire-born, Somerset-based songwriter and guitarist. Her beguiling voice is both emotive yet serene recalling the dulcet whispered tones of Cat Power, layered upon melodic guitar lines which draw influence from artist such as Devon Sproule and Nick Drake.

£8 advance. We've added a pay what you can in case you're feeling flush. All extra paid goes towards the artists and The Cube. If you're broke but want to come, drop us an email on herecomesmdnt@gmail.com and we'll try and hook you up, capacity dependent.

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