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Mouthfeel 2

Godspeed you! Peter Andre, SŌN, Robin Foster

25 Anniversery special with Steve Davis and David Hopkinson

Fri 13 October // 19:00

Tickets: £9 / £6

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Mouthfeel is back with a pull-out-and-keep commemorative edition, celebrating 25 years of Bristol's best thing: The Cube Microplex.

Leading the charge are Manchester's Godspeed You! Peter Andre. Witchy, queer and ill as hell; deep meditative intensity paired with a patchwork of rhythmic trance, techno and industrious beats. Oh and they're fabulous, obviously.

SŌN is a tripped-up, slowed-down audio-visual collaboration between Isaac Stacey (Copper Sounds) and Jordan Martin (Double Vision Studios). Inspired by neolithic stones, ancient folklore, mythology, superstition and tradition within the land; expect deep, dark and twisted visuals scored live with robust electronic rhythms and homemade percussion instruments.

Robin Foster will present a jubilee-edition silver "rummage" to celebrate The Cube's 25 years. The performance involves junk and found objects and the freeing of the hands and body to create new, dehumanised noise. It's a riot.

Opening this special Mouthfeel will be a site-specific performance by David Hopkinson - one of the founding members of The Cube. A joyous (and confusing) ode to this special place.

And to round out the night we have a set from snooker-ace turned experimental-music-dj Steve Davis. Having recently opened for Blur at Wembley Arena, we think he's ready to handle the thronging masses of the Cube.

It wouldn't be Mouthfeel without a chance to win a confusing food object, so get ready for the dizzying thrills of our "guess the weight of the cake" competition. Entry in the contest is included in the cost of your ticket so it literally pays for itself (so long as you win, and you would otherwise have spent the money on a decadent vegan fruit cake).

Of course we'll be offering a unique one-night-only cocktail. We're keeping it under our hat for now, but get ready to party like it's 1998.