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Crick Crack Club Performance Storytelling presents

Gilgamesh, by Ben Haggarty. Music by Jonah Brody

The Cinema Of The Imagination: Fairytales For Grow Ups

Thu 6 December 2018 // 19:30

Tickets: £9 advance, £11 on the door

A bored king,

A wild man tamed by a whore,

A quest for eternal life,

And the deepest secrets of the gods...

Over 3,500 years after this ancient Sumerian epic was first etched into clay tablets, world renowned storyteller Ben Haggarty, and multi-instrumentalist Jonah Brody, bring Gilgamesh to the stage in an extraordinary and powerful telling of one of the oldest stories in the world.

Deities are irritated and appeased by turn, supernatural beings are slain, apocalypse is averted, and our anti-hero turned hero, discovers what it really is to be a man. The result is a psychedelic, passionate, fast paced epic, laced with quick-witted humour.

'Absolutely spellbinding' ****Everything Theatre

Vivid, rich and imposingly epic **** The Times

BEN HAGGARTY is one of the world's leading contemporary storytellers, renowned for his passionate and physical performances. He tours widely, is a much sought after teacher and director, and is artistic director of the Crick Crack Club. His graphic novel series ‘MeZolith' is published by Archaia.

JONAH BRODY is an international award-winning composer and multi-instrumentalist, playing Bass, Guitar, Gamelan, Japanese Koto, and Harmonium. He trained at SOAS, winning the 2010 Darmasiswa music Scholarship. He was is a member of contemporary folk ensemble Sam Lee and Friends and heads the Super Best Friends Club.

SUITABLE: adults 14+
DOORS 7:30pm STARTS 8pm