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David Bollier presents

Free, Fair and Alive: The Insurgent Power of the Commons

Talk and panel discussion on the radical nature of the commons as a way to reorganise society for a fair, just and sustainable world

Thu 19 September 2019 // 20:00

Tickets: £5 / £4

From co-housing and agroecology to fisheries and open-source everything, people are increasingly using "commoning" to emancipate themselves from a predatory market-state system.

The Cube Cinema is a great example of a commons, so we are very happy to have David Bollier over from America to give us an overview of the latest thinking on the commons based on his new book Free, Fair, and Alive which presents a foundational re-thinking of the commons — the self-organized social system that humans have used for millennia to meet their needs. It offers a compelling vision of a future beyond the dead-end binary of capitalism versus socialism that has almost brought the world to its knees.

The book is a penetrating cultural critique, table-pounding political treatise, and practical playbook. Highly readable and full of colourful stories, coverage includes:

  • Internal dynamics of commoning
  • How the commons world view opens up new possibilities for change
  • Role of language in reorienting our perceptions and political strategies
  • Seeing the potential of commoning everywhere.

The talk will be followed by a Q&A and panel discussion with Phil Pope (Chair of Bristol Labour Campaign Forum), Susan Newman (People's Assembly), Steve Hunt (Bristol Radical History Group) and Melissa Henry (Anthropocene Actions).

Essential event for all those people interested in the how to change the world.