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Doc'n Roll Presents: Bristol Premiere

F(R)eE: Behind the scenes of the Free Movement

+ director Q&A + DJ

Dir. Alessandro Ugo, UK, 2022, 79 min, 18+

Sun 11 June // 18:00

Tickets: £7

Tekno is a music genre that has seen enormous growth in the past twenty years. At its genesis in 1990, Tekno was played almost exclusively at small illegal rave parties. Nowadays it can be found across the world in massive music festivals and clubs dedicated to the genre. As is often the case with fully realized musical genres, Tekno developed its own arena. It's a not very well-known scene, often riddled with stereotypes, but it has fostered a counterculture that has remained strong for over 30 years.

There are very few documentaries focusing on this world. The illegal nature of the parties in which Tekno thrived made it difficult to trace the parties themselves, arrange interviews or simply bring cameras to the clandestine parties. Most films on Tekno are lo-fi, so tracing the history of the genre from its conception with any depth becomes difficult.

The film investigates the strong bond between Tekno music and the concept of the “Free Party” by enlisting several key players who were present at the birth of the genre. Artists and producers who are passionate about this project and have already contributed with enthusiasm to the documentary include 69db from Spiral Tribe, Mat Weasel Busters, Chris and Aaron Liberator, Shockraver, Randy909, Narkotek crew, and Astrix. Furthermore, photographer Molly Macindoe, the first photographer to ever document Free parties with a camera, has contributed by discussing the difference between legal and illegal parties. Documentary director Andrea Zambelli, who made “Tekno – The Breath of the monster” shared his experiences about over 25 years of Free parties all over the world. The film crew has filmed at music festivals such as Balter and Boomtown, as well as Free parties and clubs, gathering interviews and stunning footage.

The director will be donating his profits to musicians and sound systems.

Plus an exhibition of photography from the scene. https://www.instagram.com/brutti.sporchi.cattivi/

DJ:unknown in the bar after for a Sunday wind down..

Trailer - https://youtu.be/klEeQiSJHlA