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Dan Johnson's

Ecstatic Drum Beats + DJ Infinite Spirit Music

In association with Liquid Library

Sat 18 February // 20:00

Tickets: £10/£6


Ecstatic Drum Beats is a new collaborative percussion & performance art project from Dan Johnson. Inspired as much by his teaching work as by his creative practice. An aim of this project is to explore new approaches to performance using physicality, focus, and fun to create new music and experiences for audience and performers alike. Another aim is to show that with the ‘right conditions’  anyone can play music, regardless of prior ability or experience. This is not to discredit the work many people spend learning musical instruments, it is to celebrate and showcase the intrinsic creativity we all share.

(If you’re interested in what these ‘right conditions’ might be, talk to Dan on the night!)

EDB emphasises listening and trust between performers and the audience. EDB also poses a challenge to audience attention spans suggesting, ‘the more you give the more you’ll get’.

Expect a destruction and celebration of tradition, repetition, tension, space, obsessive attention to minor details, spontaneity, ambiguity, and absurdity.

For this performance the EDB cast will feature: Jez Stein, Aistė Baltušytė, Tina Hitchens, Safiyyah Abibu, Celeste Cantor-Stephens, & Dan Johnson.

“A mesmerising evening of experiment, bizarreness and shining beauty. This was minimalist music taken further than soundings, incorporating movement, stillness and togetherness....A fascinating evening of what can be achieved within precise time constraints marked by the ticking of a kitchen alarm.” - Leona Jones (WordsSoundSpaces)

"Is it music, art or even a comedy show? This eclectic ensemble keeps you guessing throughout, with unexpected sounds, movement and laughs.

I imagine every show is different, with logical choreography, I try to recognise the pattern, but sooner than later I surrender and enjoy the organised chaos.

Using a variety of percussion plus anything on stage that makes a sound, the performance plays with your expectations and keeps you listening." - Claudia Capocci (Cafe Cloudywaaa)

FFO: Midori Takada, Meredith Monk, Milford Graves, Pauline Oliveros, AACM, the Fluxus Movement, Marina Abramovic, Tehching Tsieh.

Also featuring


Infinite Spirit Music is dedicated to the exploration of experimental music. From spoken word, sound poetry, concrete music to noise, industrial, and electronica.

Find them in the Cube Bar all evening and on Noods Radio, 21:00-22:00 on the first Monday of every month.'