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Special Measures & The Cube Present

Earth Ball, Chris Corsano, Dali de Saint Paul + Dylan Mallett

Thu 23 May // 19:30

Tickets: £12 full / £9 Conc

EARTH BALL are a wild ensemble from Canada, mainly based on Vancouver Island. Embracing complete improvisation, free expression and a truly psychedelic sound, the group's lineup expands for different projects and now features Kellen Maclaughlin on Guitar and Liam Murphy on Saxophone.

The group’s live shows are ecstatic and spontaneous, offering audiences a unique experience at every performance. As Earth Ball continues to push the boundaries of improvisation and sonic exploration, they remain a guiding light for those seeking a transcendental musical experience.

CHRIS CORSANO is an upstate NY-based drummer who has been active at the intersections of collective improvisation, free jazz, avant-rock, and noise music since the late 1990's. Corsano is one of the greatest drummers working today, developing a percussive language of extraordinary amplitude and infinite resources.

Corsano never ceases to be profoundly affirmative and imposing of his language, and being an absolute and charismatic virtuoso, he simultaneously is one of the most noble and generous improvisers of the few last decades.

DALI DE SAINT PAUL needs no introduction but she's going to get one anyway. A prolific collaborator, most notably with her now defunct EP/64 project, and a prominent figure in Bristol's improv scene. In the spirit of '64, this performance will see her working with another mainstay of Bristol's electronic/improv scene - DYLAN MALLET, perhaps better known as SILVER WAVES.