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Crick Crack Club presents

Dreaming the Great Bear

The Kalevala, by Nick Hennessey

Thu 8 December 2022 // 19:30

Tickets: £10 advance

A cow stands in a fire holding sun and moon between her horns.
A pine martin gathers spit from the mouth of a bear to brew beer.
An egg falls from a nest just balanced on the sky-girl’s knee.
And from its broken shards, nothing becomes something…

Storyteller, musician and singer, Nick Hennessey forges a world into being. Here in the Finnish far north the light is a just little too bright and the dark a little too blinding, the rivers flow fast and deep and it’s all too easy to get lost in the forest.

Expect a remarkable performance of elemental epic, as we enter the wild, playful, and surreal territories of the Finnish creation myth, the Kalevala.

‘captivating, powerful, perfect' – OXFORD CULTURE REVIEW
‘Compelling’ – THE TIMES
‘spell-binding’ – SOUTH BANK CENTRE, LONDON
‘a rare combination of artistic adventure and absolute accessibility…magical’ – LONDON LITERATURE FESTIVAL

Suitable for adults 14+
DOORS: 7.30pm STARTS: 8pm
CONTENT WARNING: This performance may contain descriptions of birth, death, sex, threat and violence, contextualised within a paradigm of mythic narrative, archetype and metaphor.