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Premier of the Documentary

Dead Man’s Money

+ Post + Don Mandarin + DJ’s

Wed 19 September // 19:30

Tickets: £4 advance

DEAD MAN'S MONEY is a documentary film about FAT PAUL being premièred tonight. Directed by Katy Bauer, its approx 40 mins and made in 2018

Paul Horlick - AKA Fat Paul – has been The Invisible Man, of the underground Bristol Music scene for the last thirty years. Running venues and record labels, long- term collaborator of Julian Cope, and general facilitator of all things unlikely, the film takes its cue from his monologue and tells a story that could be about anything at all.

Featuring: Fat Paul, Gareth Sager, Blakk Kettle, Cabaret Voltaire, Mary Berry etcetera.

Director: "Paul, could you please give me a run-down of your working life for the Cube programme?"

Paul: “Yep.... Bullshitter, producer, Jazz Reviewer, engineer, Tinker, floor sweeper, Blakk Metal, studio owner, Paul Is Jesus,  promoter, DJ, Espionage, collaborator with Teenagers In Trouble, Julian cope, Invada Records, Swarffinger Records, Environmental Studies, The Croft, FAG Studio's, The Exchange...... ..and it's all about to end."


“It’s a comedy.” Katy Bauer, director. “I wanted it to go on and on.” Chiz Williams, Ex-Qu “Excruciating.” Paul Horlick.

POST play a live show to launch the album 'Snow' on the local Environmental Studies record label.

The second album from Post in twelve months, is (as per the first) music like you’ve never heard it before that sounds eerily familiar.

This speedy follow up is somewhat conceptual. If you put it on, lie down, and listen all the way through whilst thinking of snow - you’ll get the drift.

The live act is film driven with composer Katy Bauer and compatriot Fat Paul twiddling about with knobs in a glowing booth and perhaps someone else doing something you weren’t expecting – but that’s not confirmed yet so don’t get your hopes up.

DON MANDARIN is a live act too and exemplifies an open form of poetic modulation that creates a vibration of melodic spirituality.

+ DJs somehow linked to Environmental Studies