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Silver Cubilee :

Cube's 25th Birthday! 25 Hours of Cube!

A Silver Celebration of a Quarter Century of Cube : DRESS CODE : SILVER!

Sat 7 October 2023 // 12:00

Tickets: All ages events free before 6pm / After 6pm Wristband required Tickets for Wristbands via Headfirst // £5+ / £25+ (pay what you feel)

One Better than a mere 24 hour party . . . for the Cube's 25th year : 25 HOURS OF CUBE !

Events from Midday Saturday, thru Saturday night, and on til past the dawn!
Bands + DJs on Saturday Night from 7pm
Midnight Movies on into the wee hours
DRESS CODE : SILVER / SCI-FI THEME : bring a roll of bacofoil! FLASH GORDON is the Midnight Movie!

* *  S A T U R D A Y  M O R N I N G  * *


Ribbon cutting and outdoor modular synth with the legendary STEVE DAVIS. Come get with the re-weirding programme and meet at the Cube Entrance on Dove Street South.


In the auditorium an all ages and all welcome for Sci-Fi costume making workshops hosted by the Cube’s strand for little and big sm(all) people. Accompanied by the friendly spaced out sounds from dj mr_stoloff on the decks.

DIY T-SHIRT PRINTING Ink up new or old garments with a specially made stamper produced for the Silver Cubeilee. BRING YR OWN T-SHIRTS / PANTS etc TO PRINT ON

2pm (onwards) MR_HOPKINSON playfully playing the Cube video archives spinning and looping live through his video mixing set up. Due to re-appear across the in-between spaces throughout all hours.

DIY DECOR Around the Cube bar people present participate in decorating and building the place up for the partying to come accompanied by chilled Cube DJs

3pm : BUILDING UP TO THE CUBE PARTY continues as participatory Video feedback set up is set up - creating environments with monitors projectors and cameras. Artists set up projectors and machines on the stage, while the while the Cube archive trawling and audio-visual mashing flickers away on the big screen.
In the bar, Cube DJs continue the chill in . . .


Selection of DIY Cube documentaries, films and interviews films from the last quarter century.

Bar Djs continue the spacey soundtracking

Roaming the Cube As they have been from opening time - Vivian Barton and Teddy Monroe are making a new Cube film from scratch. They may ask for your help.

Bands start to set up in the auditorium. Weaving their way through the continuing projections.

* *  S A T U R D A Y  E V E N I N G  P A R T Y T I M E  S E C T I O N  * *


Planned time for the premiere of Vivian and Teddy’s film. We shall see! Might be later!

6.30 pm : MUSIC CLUB Glorious and curious. The latest in-house manifestation of minimalist/maximalist autoschediasm, via spirits of Orchestra Cube and beyond.

Djs in the bar / Vjs in the Auditorium / time for milling and chilling in which ever space takes your fancy. Undocumented Shiny happenings a-happening.

8PM : MELANIE CLIFFORD + MATT DAVIES Expanded cinema performance with 16mm film loops, live sound and hand spun dubplates. Melanie & Matt are active members of the Bristol Experimental & Expanded Film collective (BEEF). They have collaborated on expanded cinema projects since 2017 and countless radio broadcasts. They also co-curate the Field Recording Discotheque.

9PM : ARVY ETHERS The collaboration of Bristol scene journeyman cornetist Harry Furniss and wizard in textures, guitarist Steve Watson. Abstract but also melodic; by turns calm and intense. A quick tag between composition and improvisation, explored in a rare partnership of instruments.

10PM : MINOR CONFLICT Minor Conflict are 3 old friends and also 3 volunteers at the Cube. Taking influence from experimental, folk and punk traditions. Harp, drums, bass, trumpet, electronic instruments. Deeply influenced by the Cube; their first EP was written here and their second will be recorded here. They listen to the walls and the walls listen to them. Interplay between space and people.

11 PM and onward : Cosmic Dancers in the Bar. Set the controls to contiune through the night.

DJS DJ (THROUGHOUT) DJs at time of printing, including mr_stolloff, mr_hopkinson, Steve P, Gareth Jones, Rachael F, Alice G, Grapefruit, Adewale, Tom D, Samuel, Cord, Andrew, Hog...

* *  M I D N I G H T  M O V I E  M A D N E S S  S E C T I O N   ( TILL DAWN )  * * 

12.00 FLASH GORDON (1980) 114 mins.
"Flash we love you, but we only have 25 hours to rave the Cube!"

THE AMERICAN ASTRONAUT (2001) 91 mins. Space Western musical directed by and starring dear American friend of the Cube Cory McAbee, a warm and welcome returning satellite since the earliest of days.

3.30 AM. BLUESCREEN SHORTS 90 mins. As the distinction of late night and early morning blurs the audience and the cinema screen shift boundaries too, as we present a fine selection of films submitted by all to our long running open film night BLUESCREEN

4.00 AM. KIM’s VIDEO (2023) 85 mins. A film from 2023 riven through with DIY Cubeiness and criminal intrigue. “A story that plays out like a low-budget caper, replete with corruption, slippery personalities, missing cash and one actual robbery.” - Hollywood Reporter

5.30 AM. SURPRISE FEATURE One of the films famously disrupted by Club Rombus. You’ll have to be there.

* *  S U N D A Y  M O R N I N G  C H I L L  O U T  +  L O O K  T O  T H E  F U T U R E  S E C T I O N. * *

7.20AM SUNRISE Our projectionist stumbles bleary eyed and bemused from the booth and takes to the decks in the bar with a selection of similarly spaced out vinyl.

8 AM SNÖWZ (live band) share the dawn, carrying through the event horizon, raising cosmic harmonies from the depths of the turning Cube.

9 AM LIQUID LIBRARY’s MORNING DRONE Local tape label and antifascist audio pranksters present a free-form mystery vortex of improvised sound poetry.

Laying out a morning spread for the hardcore and contemplating the collective cleaning and gleaning to construct a monumental closing ceremony later from all we find ourselves with from the day and night’s travels

11 AM CUBE COLA LAB Lead by Kayle Brandon, the microplex’s considered response to how to run a bar while Standing on the Hands of Giants. Come see how a cinema can make its own DIY cola from scratch. Perhaps a hangover cure bar none?

12 PM DEATH CAFE Bristol Death Cafe wheel out the tea and cake to chat about death in a relaxed, safe, social cafe environment with the objective “to increase awareness of the reality of death, so we can enjoy feeling more fully alive”.

CLOSING CEREMONY : emergent / self generated tribute to the Cube by those who've made it through!

Thanks to and from the Cube. You made it.

Other bits:

M25 SPIN Gimpo’s 25 hour spin happened on the weekend closest to the vernal equinox. The spin followed the outer lane of the M25 orbital motorway clockwise for 25 hours. It was not a race. It ceased in 2021, it’s 25th year. Some years were better documented than others, though for each year a film exists, approximately 25 hours long. You were welcome to join in. Cube attempts to screen one of these 25 hour films across our 25 hour event.
Special Silver Cube-ilee Programme for attendees 
[ while stocks last! ]

NOTE: All statements are true in some sense, false in some sense, meaningless in some sense, true and false in some sense, true and meaningless in some sense, false and meaningless in some sense, and true and false and meaningless in some sense.

Thanks to and from the Cube. You made it.