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CUBE FOCUS: Julia Parks

16mm to the West-Coast of Cumbria

dir: Julia Parks, UK, 60 mins, Cert:18 (TBA)

Thu 23 November 2023 // 19:00

Tickets: £5

Julia Parks’ practice encompasses film, sound and photography. Through this medium, she explores the different relationships between landscape, place and people, often focusing on the west-coast of Cumbria where she is based.

Boat Film (6’20”/16mm/2015)
I attempt to re-make the animated boats in Marie Menken’s 1962 film, Go Go Go, but the change in time and location create a new version, quite different from the original. Shot in Brixham, Plymouth, Looe and Falmouth in Devon and Cornwall.

All flesh is Grass (9’/16mm transferred to digital/2023)
Filmed over four seasons, All Flesh Is Grass explores the contemporary and ambiguous relationship between animals, human customs and the so-called natural world of the Scottish Borders.

Tell Me About the Burryman (9’30”/16mm transferred to digital/2023)
An affectionate portrait in 16mm of the Burryman, a long-lasting tactile tradition in South Queensferry, Scotland, in which a man dresses in a head-to-toe outfit of sticky burrs and parades the streets for one day each August. Filmed over a week, the film follows Andrew -the current Burryman, in his journey to collect the burrs, make the outfit and parade the South Queensferry streets during a single sun-soaked day in August 2022. We learn why he does it and speculate on where the tradition might have started, where it might be headed, and why it is important to the town.

Seaweed (18’/16mm transferred to digital with archive footage/2022)
16mm moving image artwork that explores the folklore, ecology, and history of seaweed in northern Scotland. Voiced by seaweed harvesters, workers in the alginate factories, environmental activists, archaeologists & seaweed farmers behind the miracle resource. The film includes archive footage, oral histories and contemporary documentary footage of people working with seaweed.

HAAF (15’/16mm transferred to digital /2020)
Haaf netting is a traditional method of fishing for salmon and sea trout practiced on both sides of the Solway Firth. The film captures a few of the last remaining Haaf netters as they continue a millennial old tradition.

artwork: Katie Waite

19:00 Doors open

19:30 Screening