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Fairytales for Grown-ups

Crick Crack Club ~ Orpheus Dismembered

by Ben Haggarty, with music by Jonah Brody

Thu 27 May // 19:30

Tickets: £20 for a block of 2 seats together

No remembering without forgetting...
No rebirth without death...
No ascent without descent...
These are the mysteries.

Storyteller Ben Haggarty, and musician Jonah Brody, become guides to the dark places of the underground ... In this subterranean city of dreams hear the awe filled tale of Dionysus - born once from his mother and again from Zeus; wonder at the tragic tale of Orpheus who could only experience love through separation, and despair at the selfishness of the Sky Gods who bestow the chaos through which we must wade to find sense.

Tonight, Ben Haggarty reads between the lines of Greek Mythology to restores them to their terrifying and truly awesome glory. This is world-class storytelling - dark, magical and provocative. Whatever you do - don't look back...

Returns and waiting lists: With only 30 seats on sale we realise that not everyone will get a ticket to the shows they want to see. If you have any tickets to return or want to be added to a waiting list for tickets, please email kate@crickcrackclub.com. We'll do our utmost to make ticket swapping magic happen.

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