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Neon Dross Presents

Cool as Ice

A night of Vanilla Ice themed excess!

Director: David Kellogg, 1991, 91 minutes, USA, Cert PG

Fri 31 March 2023 // 19:15 (SOLD OUT)

Tickets: £5 (full)

Neon Dross welcomes you to a night of Vanilla Ice themed excess.

Shades, caps and gaudy threads strongly encouraged. Expect wall-2-wall early 90's bangers; a vanilla icing station where you can ice your own buns; and of course the definitive motion picture event of 1991: COOL AS ICE!

Cool As Ice was a cynical attempt to capitalise on the runaway success of Vanilla Ice's debut record "To The Extreme" and catapult him to movie-star status. It didn't work.

Today it stands as a cringe inducing cult classic.

A heady mix of incomprehensible comic vignettes, gratuitous dance scenes, zany ancillary characters, and footage of Vanilla Ice scowling on the back of a motorbike, is tied together with a vague plot about gangsters and filtered through an eye-popping early 90s aesthetic.

A critical and commercial disaster; it was too cool for cinemas, exploding as it did directly into Blockbuster discount bins around the globe. This may well be the first time its ever been screened in a UK cinema.

Content warning: without wishing to spoil the "plot", viewers should be advised that Cool As Ice leans on the classic 90s narrative of "man harasses woman until she falls in love with him". While Ice's character Johnny was surely a dreadful role model for adolescent boys of the time, we present him now for an adult audience, and squarely as an object of ridicule. Johnny is a dick. Don't be like Johnny.

7:15pm: Doors open - come grab some drinks and ice a cake at our Vanilla Ice-ing Station!
8pm: Intro + screening of ‘Cool as Ice’
9:45pm til late: 90s tunes, drinks and dancing at the bar