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Sat 16 December 2023 // 20:00

Tickets: £8 advance


Born and bred in Chichester, A.L. Lacey is a classically trained pianist, vocalist and composer, now based in Bristol (UK). 
She has played live and recorded with a huge range of artists such as VLMV, Monsters Build Mean Robots, Cower, Flies Are Spies From Hell and Snails and has gained a reputation for her striking piano compositions and vocal arrangements. 
She is due to release her long-awaited debut album (Lesson) via Human Worth Records in December 23 - described as “a document of luxurious darkness, showcasing her unique melancholy chamber pop sound”.





Weaving tapestries of sparse, melancholic compositions, swelt meld influences of folk, Americana and post-rock. The four-piece, composed of members of Talons, Repo Man and Iceman Furniss Quintet, formed in Bristol in 2020 and spent the next two years writing and playing intimate shows around the city.

Delicate melody and vulnerability form the core of the band’s atmospheric arrangements, using voices and strings to create open harmony.

swelt’s debut release, ‘Red Mountain EP’ was released by Candlepin Records on the 28th October 2022.

The release was followed up by a new single, 'My Only Reflection', released on 18th May 2023.

On 11th August 2023, swelt released their new single, 'I Thought This Winter Would Never End'.

The band have played with artists such as Tara Clerkin Trio, Clémentine March, Peel Dream Magazine and Kiran Leonard, performing at venues including The Shacklewell Arms, The George Tavern, The Victoria, The Louisiana, The Establishment Wakefield and Dareshack for promoters including Bad Vibrations, 1% of One, Bodys and Gravy Train.





IGH is a night & fluid collective of musicians using improvised music as a vehicle to mix musical and social scenes. Blurring subculture lines and debuting new artists + collaboration.

Repped for this by a one off ambient group with drums / piano / laptop / guitar and horns powered by members

of Iceman Furniss / Ex Agent / Bingo Fury / Big Fuss / Pet Shimmers / Foot Foot and Sunglasz Vendor