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Abstract Concrete + Coims

Thu 9 March 2023 // 20:00

Tickets: £12 advance

ABSTRACT CONCRETE is another big step for UK underground heavyweight Charles Hayward on his music journey (This Heat, Camberwell Now, Quiet Sun, Massacre).

ABSTRACT CONCRETE is music which spans a wide emotional landscape focussed on connection and communication using a genre fluid sound world of song, groove and fire with all the lyrical intensity the world demands right now.

Language: abstract/concrete, subject, verb, object.

ABSTRACT CONCRETE brings together some of the most exciting and forward-thinking young London players from a diversity of European underground scenes.

Agathe Max plays viola with the band but is best known as a collaborative violinist and composer with soundtracks for films, theatre and dance and performs solo throughout the UK and Europe.

Roberto Sassi plays electric guitar and electronics. His music world spans techno funk collective Snorkel through to large scale project London Improvisers Orchestra and music and sound design for video, dance and theatre.

Yoni Silver plays keyboards. On the album he extends group arrangements with clarinets and alto saxophone. His work ranges from the song minimalism of Ashley Paul through to the spectral Hyperion Ensemble.

Otto Willberg plays electric bass and double bass, explores the between zones, locks the groove down tight and wild. As part of Sound and Music’s initiative New Voices 2019, Otto created the site Bootleg Spatial Recall, a public sourced archive. 

Charles Hayward plays drums and sings, bringing his intense energy to the group, questioning everything, making and sharing.

ABSTRACT CONCRETE sound is now, sound is here.


COIMS are an experimental sound duo from Bristol UK, using modern percussion and fretted instruments to create primitive sonic freedom.