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The Cube Presents

Able Noise

Able Noise + Dhalia + Sholto Dobie

Tue 16 November 2021 // 20:00

Tickets: £6

Join us at the Cube for a rare opportunity to experience the enigmatic duo Able Noise, an experimental conversation between baritone guitar, percussion & intermittent voice operating between The Hague, Netherlands & Athens, Greece. Out of a few scattered YouTube uploads their debut long form release 'Recordings' came out on Glasgow label GLARC (Greater Lanarkshire Auricular Research Council) towards the end of last year as part of the label’s exploratory roster of 'cassette based explication, applied research and listening support'.

'Recordings' begins in a mix of vocal refrains & an understated cacophony of drum fills surrounded by the whir & clicks of recording tape. Picked Lo-Fi guitar parts, reminiscent of the quieter passages of Mogwai & Slint or the gentle vocal tones of David Thomas Broughton and his accompanying twang of a dulled nylon strung guitar, shapes the forward movement. Wavering, wonky speeds & distorted interruptions flow with a collage of staccato voices. Fizzing, popping warm white noise whirls in subdued overdrive like muddled FM radio signals coming to an abrupt stop when overtaken by distant bird song, hesitant plucking & scratched strings - nothing is allowed to settle for long in the space vacated.

Side B follows a similar structure: sounds of journeying propels the music forward conjuring a landscape viewed from a train window as it moves from dusk to night sky. Distant industrial clangs form a percussive backdrop to foundering electronic sounds, spluttering, heaving & heavy until again that familiar silence. We are given a  space to consider the construction of sound, before restorative motifs come into view; baritone arpeggios and the sounding whirl of wavering drone are at once uplifting and boundlessly lost.

So in the quiet of the auditorium this has all the makings of a classic Cube live showcase; sensitively considered & shaped musical explorations demand poised listening from us as warped & manipulated sound will reverberate through the wooden panels into the low light of a hushed audience before colliding again on the entangled stage of cables, amplifiers, guitars & drums. Not to be missed.


Support from:

Sholto Dobie



Please read the Cube's Covid-safe arrangements below the event description. Face coverings required at all times (unless exempt).

This is a full capacity event with no social distancing in the auditorium. Proof of a negative lateral flow or double vaccine will be required on entry. Masks will be required at all times in the building including the auditorium.

A sShort film that explains the Cube Covid approach https://video.cubecinema.com/play/144

If you, anyone in your household, or anyone you have had contact with develops coronavirus symptoms – please stay home! In this case, or if you don't feel up to attending for any reason, we will offer a full refund on request, if you do not wish to donate your ticket cost. Give cubeadmin@cubecinema.com an email with your ticket reference.

Enjoy the show!