People volunteer at The Cube for many reasons. Some because they are self motivated individuals who love the notion of running (as a member of a cooperative) a cinema-come-live-music-come-art space. Others are attracted by the social opportunities. For many of us, The Cube was our first port of call when we arrived in Bristol and we've been hanging around ever since. Some volunteers are professional artists with their own practice, which adds to the Cube's uniqueness, and to their practice.

Volunteers can get free films, cheap beer, and as many opportunities as they want. There are so many roles within The Cube and more than 100 volunteers doing them, so it's impossible to describe everything. Here are a few: Usher, membership assistant, bar staff, front of house manager, cleaner, projectionist, computer programmer, technical helper, film programmer, music programmer, website co-ordinator, curator, etc.

We mostly have events in the evenings, so this is when we need most of our volunteers to be available. People are around in the daytime too though, and we do have a few daytime events so don't be put off if you work unusual hours. We prefer people to try and work regularly, ideally once a week, as this helps you get more out of the cube and helps us with staffing events. Committing to work regular shifts is particularly useful (e.g. every monday evening), but by no means compulsory.

We always start new volunteers off on the bar or assisting the front of house manager with memberships. These two roles are a good introduction to working here and give you an understanding of how the place works. They are both responsible yet don't need quite as much specific training as some of the other jobs. They get you working here and interacting with other volunteers, and through this you'll get to see what the other jobs are, what they entail and find out who to contact if you're interested in doing them or being trained to do them.

We run regular induction sessions for new volunteers to allow us to give a bit more information about working here, and allow you to have a look around and ask us any questions you might have.

If you would like to volunteer, please email volunteering@cubecinema.com and tell us your name, and why you'd like to come and work here. It'd be useful to know when and how often you think you might be able to work too.