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Film Screening & discussion with Alan Ereira


The second of two linked events. The first is earlier today at 3pm.

2012 / 91 mins / Digital

Thu 5 July 2018 // 19:30

Tickets: £4 or £6 for both films today

PLEASE NOTE - Tickets are available on the door for this film/talk. We open at 7pm

This amazing documentary feature will be introduced by Alan Ereira, who helped make it, he will also discuss the many issues and ideas the film concerns itself with.

This is the second of two linked films and meetings. The first is earlier today at 3pm. You can come to one or both.

In the first film, 'Heart Of The World' from 1990, we experienced the message the Kogi people wanted to share with the world. These secretive and isolated tribe then disappeared back in the mountains of Northern Columbia hoping the environmental destruction might end, after many years they realised the message was not fully grasped and they wanted to make another film, this time in a more co-authored fashion with Alan Ereira.

Film Trailer - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ecoonOVWBc8

The Kogi wanted us to all, once more, to think and reflect on what is happening on land, sea and in the air, then make actions. The Aluna website says “The Kogi say that without thought, nothing could exist. This is a problem, because we are not just plundering the world, we are dumbing it down, destroying both the physical structure and the thought underpinning existence.”

In 'Aluna' the visiting and Kogi film teams both capture the once unfilmable actives of this ancient tribe's daily work and spiritual life in the mountains. This new openness also allows us to see the environmental destruction being caused and the Kogi pinpoint its sources. With a deeper understanding in mind the film journeys with members of the Kogi to the UK to fetch 250 miles of golden thread, a thread that is used to demonstrate the interconnectedness of all nature. This is based on the Kogi concept of black lines –invisible threads of primordial thought and life-force that criss-cross the planet to form a connected network.

In the film Alan also describes a deep ecological concept held by the Kogi, that “communicating with the cosmic mind is what a human being’s job is as far as the Kogi are concerned”. With that in mind we gather to share this wonderful film and talk/think on it, far into the summer night and way beyond.

Money raised from this screening will go to the Tairona Heritage Trust.

This event is with the support of the Addressing Culture and Inequality in Latin America programme at the University of Bristol, ffi matthew.brown@bristol.ac.uk