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Hellfire Video Club presents

Bewitched (aka GU)

Chi-Hung Kuei / 1981/ Hong Kong/ 101 mins/ Cert:18

Fri 23 February 2018 // 20:00

Tickets: £5 (full) / £4 (concession)

This month Hellfire Video Club are in search of some Tropical heat! We're following up one of our early screenings some 6 years ago (!) with another dose of South-East Asian Black Magic insanity!

We're excited to be bringing the barmy and gruesome Hong Kong flick BEWITCHED to the big screen. The film follows a man arrested for a heinous crime who pleads with detectives that he was possessed when he committed the act - and the detectives follow a trail of black magic weirdness to Thailand. Kuei is (in certain circles) a legendary director for the powerhouse Kung Fu studio Shaw Brothers - helming some of their more overtly stylish, visceral and insane horror outings. 

BEWITCHED has the classic Hong Kong trope of a metropolitan distrust and fear of the more rural and ancient magic folklores. While it has a stronger narrative than some from this era, it doesn't disappoint on delivering the exotic brain-draining weirdness and gore that has keeps cult film fanatics heading back to Hong Kong in search of another fix. 

As always, HFVC DJs will be spinning their strangest selections in the bar.